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Project Report

Safe drinking water, Sayaboury

Lao PDR | RUN BY: Save The Children Australia | Status: completed
It takes 5-7 days to construct a water well. Locals learned how to build the well under the supervision of technical staff from Province and district Health care, enabling them to carry out future repairs on their own.


With wells destroyed following heavy flooding during July 2011, the project aims to provide villages with sufficient water for drinking and hygiene purposes.

Activities and outcomes

The project provided funding for raw materials to enable the reconstruction of 53 water wells in 9 villages and repairs for a gravity well system in Namone village.  The local government supported technical staff to lead the construction process and communities provided the necessary labour.

As a result:

  • The water wells serve 142 households: 658 individuals (354 female), and 196 children (100 girls).
  • The gravity well water system serves 301 families: 1572 individuals (628 females), and 650 children (160 girls).   In addition the water system also serves in a primary school which has 309 students, (160 female)
  • All of the communities now have access to water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and gardening.
  • Women and children are now spending less time during the day collecting water for their daily needs, which provides more time for livelihood activities and educational learning.
  • Community members have gained skills in the construction of water wells and the basic repair of water systems.

Photo: A completed well.

Photo: Construction of a new waterhead for the gravity water system that protects the water source

Photo: Local villagers busy repairing 2 pipes and building 3 new pipes (600m) as part of the gravity fed water system

Community Involvement

The community provided labour and raw materials such as wood and sand which was collected locally. As the community participated in the reconstruction they were also provided with basic knowledge of how to repair simple water systems.

After project completion, the community created two groups. The groups will monitor the water system on a monthly basis. There are 2 people in each group who are in charge of the financial management, and the head of the group collects the 'water' fees. In addition, each head has been given technical training in order to repair water systems in the future.

In late December 2011, the Technical staff from District Health Care conducted training on water system management to the community at Ban Namone. 32 participants (incl 7 females), gained skills, technical training and understanding on how to save, clean and manage the water system.

Photo: On 30th December 2011, on completion of the repairs, the Sayaboury PDMC (Provincial Disaster Management Committee) and DDMC (District Disaster Management Committee)  handed over the water supply to the community.

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Fundraising status

Project cost:(AUD) 17,065.00




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