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Restore Sight to Children in Vietnam

Viet Nam | RUN BY: The Fred Hollows Foundation | Status: funded

This project will improve eye health care for children aged 6-15 across three provinces of Vietnam through conducting screenings, providing glasses and treatments, as well as educating the community in eye health practices.

Project Overview

Evidence suggests almost three quarters of a child’s early learning is through vision. Poor vision impacts on childhood development, education, participation in community life and social interaction.

In Vietnam, it is estimated there are 3 million visually impaired children. The Fred Hollows Foundation is working to address this significant need through their “Vietnam Child Sight Project”. 

This project is specifically designed to improve the eye health for children aged 6-15 across three provinces of Vietnam. Planned activities include conducting school screenings, providing glasses and treatments for students, as well as conducting training and education sessions for students, teachers and parents.

Key Project Objectives

  1. To improve policy coordination between education and health sectors in support of a national school eye health program for children.
  2. To strengthen school staff and eye health personnel capacity to deliver eye care services for school children.
  3. To improve quality of and increase access to eye care services for children.
  4. To enhance eye care awareness for children, parents and teachers to support sustainable reduction of visual impairment in communities.

What's Covered in Project Costs

With support from The Footprints Network, this project will achieve the following outcomes in 2018:

  • Screen 1,100 students at World Sight Day and International Children’s Day events;
  • Provide 544 glasses for students; and 
  • Train 92 school nurses on childhood eye care, counselling, eye screening, referral processes, reporting and follow-up skills.


Fundraising status

Project cost:(AUD) 20,000.00




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