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Project Report

Repair a community primary school

Bhutan | RUN BY: Save The Children Australia | Status: completed
Jan 09: The kitchen cum store construction is now almost complete with a roof, windows and doors.
The kitchen cum store construction has shown considerable progress and there is only a small amount of work on the drains and the plinth area. This was due to the cement failing to set as the work was done in the cold winter season.  It is now set for a completion date of May 2009.

Oct 08: The new kitchen cum store under construction

The construction of a kitchen-cum-store will enable the provision of the World Food Programme supported meals in Sephu Community Primary School. The school will have a proper place for storing food items, and a clean place where the students’ two meals – breakfast and lunch - will be prepared. Being able to have a place to eat during the day will provide the nourishment children need to be able to concentrate in their studies and participate actively in their learning and extra-curricular activities.

Progress towards project goals

Lack of meals and proper facilities in schools are one of the problems leading to absenteeism and drop-out rates. Thus, the project will help in achieving the objectives of enhancing quality primary education, ensuring the enrollment of school-going-age children; reducing absenteeism and drop-out rates; and improving the health of school-going age children of Sephu geog in Bhutan.

About the school & local community

The school caters to 8 villages of about 105 households. There are 118 students ( 56 girls & 62 boys) studying in classes ranging from pre-primary to 6th grade. The community members expressed their gratitude for the project and stated that once completed, the kitchen-cum-store will be very helpful in providing their children with two WFP meals in a day.

Kids at the Sephu Community School

Prior to this construction the food items were stored in a bamboo shed and the meals were prepared in it too. This improper storage and preparation proved unhygienic. With the construction completed the children will have hygienically prepared meals and a proper place for storing food items.  

The bamboo shed that served as the old kitchen-cum-store

Most of the children of the school are happy and proud to have a nice kitchen-cum-store and believe that their food will be tastier when prepared in it!

(Update posted 03 February 2009).

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Fundraising status

Project cost:(AUD) 20,000.00




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