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These projects have reached their funding target, thanks to the thousands of tiny donations from our World Nomads. Each project has a different timeline, but as soon as we have a report on the outcomes, we'll post it up in completed projects. Come back soon to see what difference you've made.

Bringing water, sanitation & hygiene to a Manufani village

Timor-Leste | WaterAid Australia
To enhance the health and quality of life of poor remote rural people living in a village in Manufahi District, through the provision of access to clean water and sanitation and by improving related hygiene practic
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Ending malnutrition in Sumba, Indonesia

Indonesia | SurfAid
In Sumba, Indonesia, childhood malnutrition is unacceptably high. SurfAid will work with communities to establish vegetable gardens and seed banks, and improve family nutrition through cooking classes to ultimately reduce malnutrition in children under five and pregnant women.
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Giving children a better start to life in Myanmar

Myanmar | Plan Australia
Children in remote rural areas of Myanmar face high levels of malnutrition and limited access to health and education services. Plan is working with communities to ensure poor and disadvantaged children are able to grow up healthy and access quality education services, giving them a better start to life.
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Pre-schools for children in Vietnam

Viet Nam | Plan Australia
The project will promote education for children aged 0-8 in ethnic minority communities by focusing on their early childhood care and development with community-based care, early stimulation and preparation for primary school.
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Protecting Lives in Vanuatu

Vanuatu | CARE Australia
In March 2015, the people of Vanuatu were hit by one of the most devastating cyclones in the nation’s history, Cyclone Pam. The YUMI strong project is working with the government and 14 remote island communities to ensure the people of Vanuatu are stronger and better prepared to survive a future natural disaster.
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Protecting Sea Turtles in Panama

Panama | Sea Turtle Conservancy
The project aims to reduce illegal poaching of endangered leatherback and hawksbill turtles at Chiriqui Beach, Panama, through a rigorous monitoring and protection program overseen by Sea Turtle Conservancy and implemented by locally-trained indigenous community members.
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Reducing Childhood Malnutrition in Bima, Indonesia

Indonesia | SurfAid
To tackle malnutrition in Parado, Indonesia, by providing clean water & sanitation through 20 dug wells and latrines. Following on from this, community nutrition gardens will be created in order to further combat the issue.
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Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Sea Turtle Conservancy
To monitor and protect endangered green turtles at Tortuguero, Costa Rica (nesting site for the largest remaining green turtle colony in the world), through a rigorous research, conservation and community education program.
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Youth Empowerment & Education in Colombia

Colombia | Fundación Buen Punto
To educate and empower young leaders of a community surf school for vulnerable Afro Colombian youth in order to impact more youth, generate income for the local community and encourage tourism.
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Youth Empowerment & Education, New Orleans

United States | The Original Big 7 Cultural and Heritage
To provide of at-risk children in New Orleans with activities that help build their self-esteem and stability, and gives them a creative outlet while sustaining the cultural legacy of the Mardi Gras Indians.
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