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These projects have reached their funding target, thanks to the thousands of tiny donations from our World Nomads. Each project has a different timeline, but as soon as we have a report on the outcomes, we'll post it up in completed projects. Come back soon to see what difference you've made.

Build a Community Bike Shop on the Jordan Trail

Jordan | Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy
Donated bikes are shipped to Jordan, where the shipping container is re-purposed to serve as a bike shop, creating jobs for disadvantaged youth, empowering the community with mobility, and giving tourists yet another option for how to experience a destination: guided bike tour!
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Build Healthy Cook Stoves in Huilloc, Peru

Peru | World Expeditions
This project will alleviate the health issues associated with indoor smoke inhalation in Huilloc village, Peru through installation of new cook stoves and proper ventilation methods.
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Deliver Eye Care to Remote Indigenous Communities

Australia | The Fred Hollows Foundation
This project will be working to improve the quality, quantity and delivery of eye health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in regional and remote Western Australia.
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Empower Rural Communities in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste | Oxfam Australia
This project will contribute to equitable and resilient livelihood development, benefiting small-scale women and men producers from vulnerable communities through improvements to agricultural production and improved access to markets.
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End Childhood Malnutrition in Remote Indonesia

Indonesia | SurfAid
This project will create education and awareness multimedia in order to prevent childhood malnutrition in remote areas of Indonesia through awareness, training and community support programs.
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Improving Children's Education in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste | CARE Australia
To deliver quality education resources for students and teachers in schools across Timor-Leste. This will in turn help to raise the people out of their current cycle of poverty.
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Protecting Sea Turtles in Panama

Panama | Sea Turtle Conservancy
The project aims to reduce illegal poaching of endangered leatherback and hawksbill turtles at Chiriqui Beach, Panama, through a rigorous monitoring and protection program overseen by Sea Turtle Conservancy and implemented by locally-trained indigenous community members.
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Provide Mobile Libraries for Children in Ethiopia

Ethiopia | Plan Australia
This project will help improve the wellbeing and learning opportunities for marginalised children in the highlands of Ethiopia. The project focuses on child play and literacy as keys to development.
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Safe Access to Jobs for Migrant Women in Myanmar

Myanmar | CARE Australia
This project aims to help women migrants from rural areas, who are at great risk of exploitation, find safe employment, gain protections against violence and access health services and other support in urban cities in Myanmar.
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Save Green Sea Turtles in Bermuda

Bermuda | Sea Turtle Conservancy
This research, conservation and education program is protecting juvenile green turtles that travel to Bermuda to grow up after hatching on nesting beaches around the Caribbean and Latin America.
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Support Community Tourism Development in South India

India | Kabani - The Other Direction
This project will empower local communities to participate meaningfully and directly benefit from sustainable community-based tourism initiatives in Southern India. The project will focus on conservation while also improving the income and quality of life of the local population.
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Teacher Training & Quality Education Program, Nepal Himalaya

Nepal | Australian Himalayan Foundation
This project is a part of an ongoing Teacher Training & Quality Education program, which operates in one of the poorest regions of rural Nepal, the Lower Solu Khumbu, and helps to ensure that all children have access to a primary education.
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Women's Economic Empowerment, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka | Plan Australia
This project provides skills training and employment opportunities for girls and young women who have been vulnerable to exploitation and forced by economic necessity into early marriage.
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