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These projects have reached their funding target, thanks to the thousands of tiny donations from our World Nomads. Each project has a different timeline, but as soon as we have a report on the outcomes, we'll post it up in completed projects. Come back soon to see what difference you've made.

Build a Community Bike Shop on the Jordan Trail

Jordan | Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy
Donated bikes are shipped to Jordan, where the shipping container is re-purposed to serve as a bike shop, creating jobs for disadvantaged youth, empowering the community with mobility, and giving tourists yet another option for how to experience a destination: guided bike tour!
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Build Healthy Cook Stoves in Huilloc, Peru

Peru | World Expeditions
This project will alleviate the health issues associated with indoor smoke inhalation in Huilloc village, Peru through installation of new cook stoves and proper ventilation methods.
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Deliver Eye Care to Remote Indigenous Communities

Australia | The Fred Hollows Foundation
This project will be working to improve the quality, quantity and delivery of eye health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in regional and remote Western Australia.
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Keep Girls in School in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea | WaterAid Australia
This project will improve water, sanitation and hygiene at four rural schools. In particular, it will support girls to attend school full time through effective and affordable menstrual hygiene management and education.
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Protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Sea Turtle Conservancy
Through this project, the Sea Turtle Conservancy will train aspiring conservation biologists from developing nations in the proper techniques for monitoring and protecting nesting sites in order to build capacity for sea turtle conservation in Latin America.
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Save Green Sea Turtles in Bermuda

Bermuda | Sea Turtle Conservancy
This research, conservation and education program is protecting juvenile green turtles that travel to Bermuda to grow up after hatching on nesting beaches around the Caribbean and Latin America.
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Support Community Tourism Development in South India

India | Kabani - The Other Direction
This project will empower local communities to participate meaningfully and directly benefit from sustainable community-based tourism initiatives in Southern India. The project will focus on conservation while also improving the income and quality of life of the local population.
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Train Female Soy Farmers in Tanzania

Tanzania | CARE Australia
This project will support women farmers in Iringa District, Tanzania to improve their crop yields, learn how to improve their families’ nutrition and increase their income by producing and marketing soy products.
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