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These projects have reached their funding target, thanks to the thousands of tiny donations from our World Nomads. Each project has a different timeline, but as soon as we have a report on the outcomes, we'll post it up in completed projects. Come back soon to see what difference you've made.

Bringing safe water & toilets to a Liquica village

Timor-Leste | WaterAid Australia
To enhance the health and quality of life of poor remote rural people living in a village in Liquica District, through the provision of access to safe water, toilets and hygiene practices.
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Bringing wood efficient stoves to Kumaon Himalaya

India | People's Environmental Awareness - Khati
This project plans to bring 23 fluepipe wood efficient stoves to communities in the Himalaya to reduce fuel wood consumption thereby preserving local forests whilst improving health outcomes.
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Improving pre-school education, Vanuatu

Vanuatu | Save The Children Australia
The project will provide Kindergarten teachers in Vanuatu with a magazine as a professional development resource to help improve the quality of teaching and learning in Early Childhood Care and Education.
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Kids clean water project, Mpofini village

South Africa | Oxfam Australia
Get clean water, sanitation and hygiene to the 23,000 people living in Ufafa region, South Africa and prevent deadly diseases like diarrhoea.
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Teacher Training & Quality Education Program, Nepal Himalaya

Nepal | Australian Himalayan Foundation
The Teacher Training and Quality Education program operates in one of the poorest regions of rural Nepal, the Lower Solu Khumbu, and helps to ensure that all children have access to a primary education.
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Women's financial literacy, Malawi

Malawi | CARE Australia
CARE will work with 20,000 women from 1,000 village savings and loans groups in Lilongwe, Dowa and Kasungu Districts, to overcome chronic hunger by expanding their farms or micro-businesses. It will facilitate women’s access to finance, training and markets.
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